The New Mexico Tamal Fiesta y Mas! A Holiday Tradition with tamales, music & more.
Coming to Downtown Santa Clara in 2018!

Cultural sustainability is an important aspect of our community. The New Mexico Tamale Festival, now called Tamal Fiesta y Más, was begun in 2011 by the Southwest New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with The Volunteer Center and community leaders who understood the importance of preserving and celebrating the Hispanic heritage of Silver City and Grant County.


The Hispanic heritage of southwest New Mexico is a treasure to savor, respect, preserve, and enjoy! During this festival, small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, educators, and entertainers showcase Hispanic culture through foods, crafts, and performances to the delight of local residents and visitors from near and far.


With deeper understanding of diverse histories that make up the whole, we can make decisions about our community that are informed by who we were, who we are now, and who we want to be. Sustainability is about more than just the environment. People, profits, and planet = “the triple bottom line.” The Green Chamber promotes sustainable development that benefits our community. 



M. Fred Barraza, artist, member NM Arts Commission ▪ Guadalupe Cano, Silver City Town Councilor ▪ Patricia Cano, professor emeritus Chicano/a Studies at WNMU ▪ Bryant Chaffino, professor of Music at WNMU ▪ Juanita Escobedo, artist & educator ▪ Rita Herbst, Nuevos Comienzos community kitchen & The Volunteer Center ▪ Consuelo Hester, tamalera, educator, & heritage consultant ▪ Virginia Holguin, St. Vincent de Paul church ▪ Oralia Rede, LULAC & American Legion ▪ Vanessa Stroman, Career and Student Support Specialist at WNMU ▪ Raul Turrieta, Grant County Assessor’s Office & Grant County Trails Group ▪ Abe Villareal, Director of Communications at WNMU ▪ Cissy McAndrew, executive director SW NM Green Chamber of Commerce▪ Adrienne Booth, Tamal Fiesta coordinator, member National Association for Interpretation